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Moto tm News: TM RACING celebrates its 30th anniversary  


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For TM RACING, EICMA 2006 represents the attainment of a special goal, very important and highly coveted by all Italian motorcycle manufacturers, but reached by few.
We are talking about the 30th anniversary of this company, based in Pesaro – land of motors – and which has understood the secret, over the years, of persevering and renewing itself by adapting to technological changes without every abandoning the very nature of an highly niche product, by following and pursuing its own bent without setting its sights on expansionistic goals.
As the 1970s came to a close and the 1980s began, there was an authentic boom of small craftsmen in Italy who began to assemble motorcycles to be used in Off Road competition; several managed to grow and develop, while others never got past the embryonic stage.
Towards the end of the 1980s, competition became very fierce and only a few of these craftsman managed to survive, among them was TM RACING which, at that time, had already understood that the secret for “survival” on the market was to create a strong identity.
An identity possessed only by those companies which had always produced in-house the heart of their creations: ……………. the engine.
Before long, the gems produces by TM RACING became the way to owning something exclusive, to distinguishing yourself from the crowd, to the point where just one TM RACING motorcycle at the start of a competition was enough to attract the attention of all present, whether professionals in the sector or enthusiasts.
Many riders have brought this brand to the top in international competitions: the name of Gastone Serafini stands out, owner of TM RACING with Claudio Flenghi, who already at the end of the 1970s debuted the brand in the motocross world championship.
After Serafini, there were other important names who, in the course of all these years, have alternated in the saddle of the Pesaro motorcycle, like Andrea Bartolini who began his carrier with a TM at the beginning of the 1980s, his brother Valter Bartolini who, a few years later, won the Italian championship and another Bartolini – Massimo – also Italian champion with the TM and author of excellent performance on a world level as well, the Frenchman Luigi Seguy to whom TM offered a great opportunity that he used well, ending the world championship in fourth position. Then came the moment of the absolute epitome of Italian riders, Alex Puzar who, wanting to make a comeback after a negative period, opted for the TM with which he came close to the world title two times.
In recent years, with the advent of the powerful “4-strokes” engines, TM RACING certainly could not be left out and thanks to its collaboration with Enrico Oddenino and Antti Pyrhonen, also managed to stake its claim in the MX1 World Championship, held to be the Queen of motocross. The contract with Manuel Priem for 2007, no. 8 in the World Championship classification, is the demonstration of the high level of competitiveness reached in this category, as well.
Also in the Enduro, there has been a succession of riders in the saddle of the TM bikes. Just to name a few, we could start with Gian Marco Rossi, Davide Trolli and Roman Michalik who have become world champions with the Pesaro motorcycle, and we can continue by mentioning riders like Mika Ahola, winner of a “Six Days”, Rickard Larsson who came close to taking the world title three times, the World Champion Petri Pohjamo, Alessio Paoli winner of two absolute Italian Championships and a “Six Days”, and Jake Stapleton, a very young Australian who, in recent years, took the absolute World Championship podium.
TM RACING has also believed and invested in the Supermoto, for which the F.I.M. has created an authentic World Championship, in recent years. Once again in this discipline, many riders have had the honour of debuting the Pesaro motorcycle in the world championship tournament and the pleasure of reaping the fruits. First among all, Italian champion Fabio Balducci, the charismatic Transalpine Fabrice Guyot, Lorenzo Mariani, Robert Baraccani and Simone Girolami.

The comment of Gastone Serafini: “...... It seem that all is begun yesterday, and instead is already passes thirty years! Incredible! We have made a lot till now and equally we have to make for the future. When we have begun our plan nearly seemed impossible, all thought we were little crazy, and in effects we were indeed, but crazy for our job, for that in which we believed over to every thing. Thinking to the past I feel a little of melancholy, in that years the atmosphere was a little more human or for me it seemed like this. Today the high technological level that our field has caught up do not give us time to cultivate the human relationships, today there are some multinationals who impose the highest rhythms and standards and in order to be able to stay with them you have to forced straight without to have the possibility to watch what happen around you, to stop a moment to reflect. However I’m satisfied of ours results, even if slowly we grow and we are present on all the most important markets of the world. I’m trusting of the fact that we will still grow and that we will always have from our part that niche of particular customers that let you to feel important ........”.